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custom business applications

customised software // web-enabled // pda cabable

Does your company find pre-packaged software difficult to apply to your business?
We can provide the solution by creating software uniquely tailored to suit your business processes.
We can also provide the option to use the software on a variety of hardware platforms including PDA (personal digital assistant), or via a secure web interface.

Software Development

We use cutting edge programming techniques to create customised software applications to your specific requirements. If you have a software need, we can fill. We have experience developing applications for portable computer devices (PDA\'s), as well as desktop and server operating environments.

Database Integration

We also handle database management and application development. If you require information to be organised and easily accessible, then this may be your solution.

Web Enabled

We can also provide database hosting and integration with the world wide web, so you (and your authorised employees) can securely access your database from anywhere, anytime!